Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Projects in Progress

The Apres Surf Hoodie is coming right along. This is so fun and beautiful that I am working on it a lot. It is a good thing I am working on it a lot, because a fine gauge sweater with a lace pattern could otherwise be another never ending project (Icarus Shawl anyone?). The Aran Sweater is not coming along very much..it might be sent to the zzz'x classification on Ravelry soon. I just can't get excited about a big wool sweater in summer which is unfortunate since this is for a friend in Australia where it is now winter..
And I have cast on the second sock out of Cascade Fixation. This project has been sleeping for a while also, but I really need to get some of these things done and off my list so I can do some new stuff.
And here is..don't laugh.. my potholder. A crocheted potholder no less. So how did this come about? I had a spool of yarn that I spun when I was just beginning and it was very uneven and underspun and there wasn't very much. I needed to get it off the spool so I could use it and I couldn't figure out what else to make out of a small amount of irregular yarn-so I crocheted a potholder. I did have some issues figuring out how to make a flat round disc..does anyone know a rule for this?
The most fun I had with this was dyeing it with Kool-Aid. There is a very helpful article on Knitty.com on this subject. This flavor is lemon of course!

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turtlegirl76 said...

Flat and round. Go read the base instructions for my crochet market bag. Basically, you increase each round as many stitches as you started with in the center circle.