Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The hoodie progress

This should be an update of all WIP's, but since this is what I am obsessing about today this is what you get. I am almost finished with the first piece..I decided to pin it out to have a look at the time I finished the first skein of yarn. It is kind of amazing to me to have this much fabric from one hank of yarn. I am having brief periods of worry about whether I have enough yarn. I have four skeins. I just finished the first one. I still have a front, two sleeves and a hood to go. I tell myself that the back is the biggest piece, that I can always have a collar instead of a hood. I really want the hood. I am sure I have enough. Don't you agree?
I love this arrowhead lace. If you look carefully, which you do when you knit this for hours, there are multiple arrowhead shapes formed by the yarn-overs and the ssk/k2togs going both up and down. Neat stuff!

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