Monday, July 7, 2008

I finish and begin.

I FINISHED THE CAP SLEEVED SWEATER.I was starting to wonder if the day would ever come when I could block this and send it away out of my house. This has definitely been a love/hate knitting project. My mom picked out the yarn and the pattern, and it is very beautiful. I have received many compliments on the yarn and the pattern during the knitting process. However, the Royal Bamboo splits a lot. The cap sleeves look cute from the front, but the seam is a big indentation, which is ok for a shoulder, but not for a sleeve. The worst problem with this sweater is that the lower edge rolls up really badly. I ended up picking up along the lower edge and knitting four more rows of garter stitch to try to fix this and the tendency is still there. I am hoping for a blocking miracle! Photos of the FO on Mom will have to wait until it dries and gets into an envelope and travels to Arizona.

In other happy news, I started the Apres Surf Hoodie with my new yarn from BSG and it is so gorgeous I can't begin to describe it properly. There will be more on this later.....

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