Monday, August 22, 2011

Promotion and Sale

 I mentioned in my last blog post that my yarn is being featured by an etsy shop owner After the Bump.  That's her facebook page link, her etsy shop is chronically sold out because her photo props and baby hats are so popular.  I am very excited to have my yarn featured in one of her OOAK nights.
 In anticipation of this, I've been doing some shop updating, and spinning and knitting like mad.  I spun my first deliberate thick and thin yarn from a Fleece Artist roving in the Beach House colorway.  It is an exquisitely soft 65%merino/35% silk blend, and the thick and thin spinning style preserved this softness.  It begged to be worn next to the skin, so I made a cowl and a baby hat from it.  Both of these are in the shop.
I also wanted to explain briefly how ATB's OOAK nights work.  At the appointed time,  8:00 pm MST, she will upload an album of photos to her FB page of products that are ready to ship, with prices listed in each photo.  The first to comment on each item with their paypal email is invoiced and then she ships out that night. 
In conjunction with this event and in hopes of hitting 25 facebook fans, so I can have a "real" FB page address, I am having my first ever sale.  You can get the sale coupon code at ATB's FB page tonight, or by liking my FB page, it will be posted there.  It will be active for one week from tonight.  Also, I am changing my shop policies to offer free shipping on all purchases over 30$.  I may not get all the individual listings changed by tonight, but if you make a qualifying purchase I will refund your shipping charges. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Much Excitement!

 My very talented friend Kate took some more pictures for me and I love how beautiful she makes my yarn look.  Her shop is The Wandering Wolf, and she's a very talented spinner and dyer as well as photographer!
We had a volunteer model last week too, anything looks beautiful on this dear friend!
 She got some very pretty pictures of one of my TDF yarns, which I should be listing in the shop today.
 And I finished spinning the Polwarth that I dyed with cochineal.  I think it's just the neatest thing ever to dye something with wee bugs, and I love this yarn.  It's springy and bouncy and terribly soft.  I'm somewhat disinclined to sell it, but if I want to continue playing with fiber, I must have funding!
My most exciting news is that my yarn will be debuting in a OOAK night next Monday by a fiber artist who uses handspun yarn to make photo props for babies.  Adorable stuff!  If you'd like to see, it will be hosted on her facebook page. After the Bump next Monday the 22nd at 8 pm MST.  She will be using my green and purple handspun, and there is still a skein of it available in the shop.