Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Birthday Loot!

Now that I am a big girl I get to pick my own birthday presents, so when David asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I immediately remembered these bags that I saw at Soft Horizons a few weeks earlier. This is the one I picked out from kpixie. It is fake leather and so soft you just want to pet it. It is made by Namaste and has oodles of pockets and lots of space. I can fit ALL my WIPs in there at the same time, with the required books or magazines for the patterns. I really liked the lime green one, but decided this would be more practical year round. Somehow lime green just doesn't go with gray rainy weather. And with my birthday money from mom I got books...two Harmony Guides from the Interweave hurt books sale, and two EZ books from Knit Picks 40% off sale. I am about to become addicted to Elizabeth Zimmerman, I can tell because I tried to quickly peruse The Opinionated Knitter and got sucked in for much longer than I intended. EZ was an excellent writer and a clever person and just plain interesting.

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Tamsie said...

Brandy, you're a fine BIRTHDAY girl!