Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abundantly Delicious

Last weekend we were in Portland after dropping my parents off at the airport and I persuaded My DH and DD that we should go to a yarn shop I have been dying to see. Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks is in a really cute little neighborhood/small town in a big city type of place and has a cafe as well. Soooo, in addition to the incredible selection of yarn and books, there is a play area to keep my daughter busy and YUMMY food. If I lived closer than almost 2 hours away I would be there every day. It is probably good for my pocketbook that I don't. Here is what I came away with this trip.Alpaca Merino Silk 50/30/20 in a colorway called Improv by Abstract Fiber. This was so noticeably beautiful that as I carried it around the shop people were asking their friends, "What is that?" and reaching out to pet it.
Now if I can spin it without destroying its beauty...

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