Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost (but not quite) FO

So I am in the category of people who didn't finish their Ravelympics project. I set myself a goal that would have require the whole 17 days of intensive knitting, and due to many other life events, this simply did not happen. So this is how it went. I wanted to finish my Apres Surf Hoodie which I started July 2nd and was 42% done at the start of Ravelympics (This is according to the weight of yarn I have total and the weight left, and I am making the assumption that I will use all the yarn. I realize this is a faulty assumption, but it was the best I could do.) I had finished the back and the decreases up to the waist. I finished the front and the I-cord bind off at the hem and blocked it.
And I started the sleeves.
I have 174 g of yarn out of the original 440, so that makes me about 60% done. Sooo..this was fun, but I need to learn to plan for the fact that I cannot sit and knit for 2 weeks when I have a non-knitting life to attend to. I still love this hoodie and the yarn is a joy to knit with. The pattern is challenging me but not frustrating me, what more can I ask for in a knitting project?

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turtlegirl76 said...

You still made a crap-ton of progress on it that you wouldn't have had you not challenged yourself in the Ravelympics.