Friday, August 8, 2008

Cherry prOn

Here is what we have today..cherry Kool-Aid dyed alpaca handspun. This roving came from Alpaca with a Twist and was white originally. This stuff is cashmere soft..I think it will be a scarf. And here we have once again that handspun BFL that I dyed once with Wilton's copper color. It came out a funny salmon color that I didn't personally like. In the previous blog post it looks better than it did IRL. So I dyed it again with Wilton's brown and got it to a more respectable rusty coppery color which I like.
This yarn is a bit rustic and I have about 300-350 yards of it, so I am thinking maybe a capelet type thingy..not sure of the gauge yet.
And this came in the mail while I was gone to San Diego. A 4 oz Wool Blend Roving from Main Woods Yarn and Fiber dyed in a Pumpkin Patch colorway.
So fair on the bobbin it looks like this.
I am not sure if I like it or not. I don't hate it..and it is really easy to spin pretty thin. I am hoping for something approaching a reasonable sock yarn.

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Liberty's Yarn said...

I LOVE that colorway! I can't wait to see that as socks. =)