Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some green some blue.

I got some spinning and dying done recently, perhaps motivated by my fiber from Black Sheep Gathering. This is some alpaca that I bought from one of the alpaca farms that were showing last year at BSG (2008). We bought about 8 oz of fiber and tryed some hand carding. Penny, my MIL and I found carding to be difficult and we never could get all the little matted bits out. Penny eventually injured her elbow, so we sent the rest off to Fantasy Fibers to be carded for us. This is the stuff we carded, so it has a lot of little bumps in it from the little matted places. I dyed it with Wilton's moss green, and it came out very well. It kind of looks like vines with leaves here and there. It is a single and there is 241 yards of it, and it is about fingering/lace weight. 2 1/8 oz.
And here is two oz of 50:50 silk/merino that I nearly felted in the dying, and I am not sure how, I was careful, and the temp was never above 160 F, but the silk isn't as shiny as it was before, so that is disappointing. It is a really awesome color though, and still really soft. I dyed it with Wiltons, a mix of Royal Blue and Sky Blue. It is two oz. 260 yards, 14-16 wpi.

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