Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FO: Morning Surf Scarf

I finally made something from my handspun, which I have been itching to do ever since I finished spinning this. This fiber was a roving produced by Abstract Fiber Company, and purchased at Abundant Yarn and dyeworks sometime last year in my one and only visit there. There is a Ravelry group called Aaabsolutely Abstract if you are, like me, a big fan. I spun it as finely as it wanted to be, which was pretty fine..it came out at 14 wpi, and I got about 350 yards of 2-ply out of it.
I didn't deliberately try and control the way the colors matched up in the plying, they just came out that way. Sometimes as a barber pole pink and yellow, and sometimes various semi-solid areas.

The Morning Surf Scarf is a perfect pattern for handspun, I cast on 46 stitches, and it is still just a bit wider than I would like, I am more of a longer narrower scarf girl.

We had the usual amusement that results from me modelling and my husband taking the photos.
I am very pleased with this whole experience, the spinning, the knitting, the finished object. A complete success.

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Melinda said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely, happy colours, I like it very much!:))