Thursday, July 16, 2009

FO: Wisp

I finished this one back in June, and took a couple of pictures, but didn't manage to get the husband to photograph me in it until yesterday, so here it is, the Wisp by Cheryl Niamath from Knitty Summer 2007. I had a single ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in my stash that I had started and frogged several projects with.
I don't recommend frogging this yarn if you can help it, as the mohair makes this quite difficult, and I lost some of the yarn at one point because it was too tangled up to pull apart, so this scarf thing is a few repeats short of the number specified in the pattern. It still works for me, though it would be nice if I had those extra couple of inches.
The buttons I used weren't perfect, I really need the abalone shell ones that are almost paper thin. These are close, but just a bit to thick and tend to weigh the shawl down, so I only used four.

This was a really fun and satisfying project. A beautiful, lacy thing out of a single ball of yarn. Light and airy, but just a little bit warm if you need something on your shoulders on a summer evening.
The yarn is lovely, very soft, not scratchy at all.


Kristina said...

Hi, nice job on this. I am writing to ask for a bit of help. I went to start this last night. It is my first try at lace. I was "yarn stormed" (see Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm's blog) and received some mohair so I thought I'd try out this pattern. Anyway, I think I am doing something wrong. Doesn't the yo, k2tog continually across the row just keep decreasing stitches? There are no make one in this pattern so how do you get back up to 46 stitches for the 6 knit rows? I know that I am missing something basic here. I just don't know what it is. Typically I knit aran sweaters so this lace stuff is new to me. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks, Kristina

Kristina said... is my email address in case it didn't come across on the comment: kristinamartin1225 at hotmail dot com


Kristina said...

Please ignore my previous request for help. I have figured out my mistake and am now on the right path!

Thanks, Kristina