Monday, October 24, 2011

I have been spinning more than knitting lately, inspired by many things.  I've been hanging out in a chatty, productive group of spinners on Ravelry, and seeing the really neat things produced there gives me all sorts of new ideas.  The blue yarn above is just a simple single spun from an Unwind Yarn Company Batt.  It's up in the shop, whereas this next one is not.  This was an 8 oz braid from Frabjous Fibers, which my mother-in-law Penny, bought for my birthday on our trip to Ashland, OR.
 I got almost 600 yards of light worsted out of it, and was all set to take it to Stash, our new local yarn shop, when I was influenced by others in the aforementioned spinning group to hoard it for myself.
 This next yarn was created from a bunch of yearling (first shearing) BFL locks that were dyed by Uniquely Yours Design on etsy.  They were adorable tiny little curly locks, but a bit matted together from dyeing, so I spent a few hours while watching tv shows pulling them apart for spinning, so this is what they looked like just before spinning.
 And after I corespun them onto sock yarn, one at a time, leaving little tails hanging off, and leaving as many little curls intact as possible, it looked like this.  It's really cute, and I am very proud of it, since I know how much time it took, and because it looks pretty much how I wanted it to.
 This is another of my "most proud of" yarns, from a batt I bought from BohoKnitterChic Spins, at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.  It's really textured, and a few of the fibers aren't really next to skin soft, but it's really beautiful I think.  Some fluffy, some shiny, some curly, lots of my favorite colors, I love it.
 And my most recent yarn, a two ply from a Hobbledehoy batt called Jaguar.  This one was  very soft, and it has a lot of sparkle and a bit of silk noil for texture, but I spun it fairly fine, about 12 wpi in the two ply.  I'm not sure I can give this one up, but I need to pay off my new spinner, so you may see it in the shop soon.

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