Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Knitting.

 Every summer I knit a big lace shawl or scarf.  I have become a person who needs a knitting project going at all times.  When there is nothing on the needles I am fidgety and worried about what I should start next.  So this summer I pulled out some Misti Alpaca Lace that I received during the last Outlander group swap and looked through my queue for a suitable pattern.  I found the North Roe Shawl.  It was free, and it would use up at least two skeins of the yarn, so I cast on and a month later I had a largish triangle shawl.  I used almost all of the two skeins, so almost 880 yds.  I have seven leaves when counting from the top triangle, then two lacy leaves, then the edging.  As you can see, it came out to be about as large as I think a triangle shawl needs to be.  I like the pattern, simple, clear and pretty.
 I have been working on knitting some art yarns, and this cowl is from my thick and thin spun from a beautiful Fleece Artist sliver that I got from a local business, Colorsong Yarn.  They were kind enough to write a little blog post about it, which you can read here if you're interested. 
I got a request for permission to use one of my photos on the North Roe pattern page, and I laughed when I saw that it was this one.  Methinks the child is the main attraction of the photo, rather than the shawl, but she's my child, so that's fine with me.  I think she's pretty adorable too.

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