Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spinning day at Stash

 Sonia and I hatched a plan for a spinning and carding day at Stash last Sunday.  Amy of Anchovy Knits, and Kate (yarn soon appearing at Stash), and Tracy (yarn at Stash to the right of mine) brought drum carders and I dyed up a bunch of my fiber in anticipation of having some carder time.  Here's the table covered with our stuff! 
And I finally took a picture of my yarn on the shelf at Stash, though not a great picture.  Lighting's beautiful, but difficult for cameras.
 Here a big skein of Polwarth and Silk from Corgi Hill Farms that I finished last week, and is now in the shop.  It's really squishy and soft. 
 Here's another shot of the Jaguar yarn, also in the shop, from Hobbledehoy.  This yarn is so amazing, if you can afford Hobbledehoy, you should, but if you can't, you shouldn't get hooked :)  It's just lovely, lovely, stuff.
 Here's my coils, which I made Brittany (Bohoknitterchic) teach me how to do before she takes off for Montana.  I can't believe she's leaving us!
 And here is my prize accomplishment.  A corespun merino, milk silk, mohair locks, angelina etc yarn from a batt I made Sunday with fiber I dyed myself.  I called it Rumplestiltskin, though I know that's a little self-promoting, it's terribly soft and I love it so much!
 And this one I made yesterday while I was home sick.  Kate graciously loaned me her drum carder, and I carded up the baby teeswater and kid mohair and some other pink stuff that I got from  Brittany on Sunday into a really textured batt and corespun it.  It's very textured and incredibly soft.  I'm calling it Baby Elephant Walk.  I'll get a more detailed photo soon, but this one might end up at Stash. 

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