Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drums of Autumn Sporran

I have participated again in a swap with the Outlander group on Ravelry, and received my swap package last week. It is so awesome that someone I only know via Ravelry and shared interest in a series of books can put together such an awesome package for me! She wrapped it all up in individual packages. The pattern is called Lilas and is a very nice short-sleeved sweater. I got an awesome bag. Nice and big with long handles for wearing over the shoulder for my farmer's market forays.
A beautiful little shawlette that she made with a shawl stick/pin to hold it on. It is beautiful and soft and I love that someone else knit something for me!
The rest of the goodies include some lovely pink alpaca lace yarn, which I love. It is so soft and the heathered color is gorgeous. A book called "A Midwife's Tale" based on the diary of an 18th-early 19th century midwife! A lovely little wooden needle gauge with a cat on it. Some chocolate, which is mostly gone at this point, and some "simples from Jenny" (teas).
A huge thank you to my spoiler stickpixie aka Aislin Mac! I love everything, you have been so kind to put it together for me!

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