Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A wonderful package from the MacKenzies

I am participating in a Ravelry swap in the Outlander group for fans of Diana Gabaldon's excellent series of books. As part of the swap we do 'Highland Games" and I won the MacKenzie clans challenge by completing the game for the full points and then getting my name drawn from a hatful of other successful competitors. The MacKenzies sent me a package for this! I was really excited. This is what they sent: Beautiful purple Malabrigo yarn, and the pattern for Ishbel, some cute stitch markers,
Chocolate galore, a tin of Nivea creme (like body butter, lovely!), a scented candle,
a beautiful handmade pincushion,
And a Namaste needle case that is just gorgeous, and will go so well with my Namaste bag!
So a big huge THANK YOU to Clan MacKenzie, and particularly Stacie/Seonag, who sent me this awesome day brightening gift! You are awesome!

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