Friday, April 23, 2010

FO: Alexa's Unmentionable's Reprise

I started these last month when I needed a simple project to take to knit night. The Aran Coat was too complicated to work on while chatting in a low light situation. I have had the yarn for several years, since I bought it at a sale at FNC. Since then I have discovered that I don't really love elasticized yarn, or very textured yarn either, but I did love the color and I had about 5 skeins of it, which was perfect for this. Alexa's previous pair of Unmentionables have received so many compliments, and she wore them for two summers, so it seemed like a great thing to make a second time. The yarn is Classic Elite Star. I made them a little narrower than the original because Alexa is so skinny, I cast on 72 stitches for each leg.
I omitted the lace, since I thought it wouldn't look very impressive in this yarn, and it is a lot of work. I did an inch of seed stitch at the bottom of the ruffle. I love this pattern because it is seamless. You start with a provisional cast on and move up from the bottom of the legs, I grafted the stitches between the legs with Kitchener stitch. Then you pick up from the provisional cast on and do the ruffle.
I also added a drawstring to hold them up better, last time I used elastic, but it showed through the waistband, so this time I did an I-cord. I hope it works, it's very hard to keep pants on when you are this thin and have no behind!

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