Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Black Sheep Gathering

I finally got to attend the Black Sheep Gathering this last Saturday in Eugene. This is an amazing fiber festival that happens once a year and I never knew about it until two years ago. My kind mother-in-law attended with me and pushed Alexa around in the stroller so I could go into the booths and pet the yarn. Alexa was amazingly good. She sat in the stroller the whole time without whining or pulling yarn off the displays. The only picture I took the whole time was this one of Alexa and this very cute sheep. So what did I get? You have to understand that I have been on self-imposed yarn restriction for about six months, telling myself the whole time that I would allow myself to buy something at the BSG as a reward. I had set a limit on the amount of money I would spend and wanted to buy enough yarn to make a sweater. I don't knit a lot of socks, so I thought I would make the Apres Surf Hoodie from Interweave Knits Summer Issue. After looking at a lot of unspun fiber and beatiful yarn I decided on this.
An incredibly lovely yarn. The label says Wolf Creek Wools Toe Jammies. The website is listed as www.sweetgrasswool.com and the lady who made this beautiful stuff is on Ravelry as sweetodie.
In addition to the beautiful colors, this yarn shines a bit..it is 60% Merino/30%Bamboo/10% Nylon. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Next year I am going to have to attend alone however so I can take my time. I just can't spend hours in a place with a 4 year old.
There was also a barn with alpacas and their fleece. Penny (mom-in-law) and I bought some uncarded alpaca so we could put my thus far unused hand carders to use. We will see how that goes!

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