Monday, May 14, 2012

Camp Pluckyfluff May 2012

Camp Pluckyfluff, Lexi Boeger, INCREDIBLE.  Those of you who've drunk the Kool-Aid already understand.  I'm not sure how to explain for anyone who hasn't!  We had this amazing bright room at Eugene Textile Center with windows and beautiful lighting and sunshine coming in the open door.  We had oodles of drum carders and a buffet of fiber.
We spun blindfolded for a while, to teach our hands to spin, and to stop trying so hard to master the fiber and just let it be.  This is very hard for someone like me who likes things to be "right."  We had the amazing Heather (Girl with a Hook) with us and her wonderful suitcase full of hats, which we tried on.  They are delightful.

They even fit me with my super-sized head.

 Here is the yarn I spun half blindfolded and plied with thread.  I love it-it's bright and colorful and textured and beautiful.
 This is what we did on Sunday, Coil Boil, which took forever on my Fricke with the tiny orifice, and when I was Navajo plying it, I had to pull it through the orifice still.. I really need a new spinner with a big orifice, but I also need a drum carder, so I think the carder has to come first.
I'm going to have some yarn in the Stash booth at Black Sheep  Gathering in Eugene in June, so I'm hoping to sell enough to fund at least one of my needed tools!

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