Friday, May 22, 2009

FO: Ingenuity

I finally got some photos so I can post the details! DH and I have such a hard time with this..perfect strangers take better pictures of me than my own husband! it is, my Ingenuity, knit with Plymouth Tweed, which turns out to be a lovely yarn. Regarding the sleeve bagginess..a problem common to top down raglans, I found a helpful article by Ysolda Teague here. You have to do something called a compound raglan.
The major things I had trouble with are the edgings..the gauge of the ridge stitch is much tighter than the stockinette stitch, and I had to increase right before the edging about 1 stitch to every 15 stitches and also go up 2 needle sizes to prevent the edgings from pulling in.
I also made the neck significantly wider than called for, it was too narrow originally, partly because I used the smaller needles, but other people on Ravelry have experienced the same problem, it comes out looking like a turtleneck, which is not the idea.
For specific details, see my ravelry entry. Despite my little quibbles with it, this is a very wearable sweater, and I have learned much from knitting it!

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