Friday, October 17, 2008

I am so frustrated with this sewing project..why is it that the sizing is so wierd on sewing patterns. I measured my waist to determine what size I should make this skirt. My waist measured 34", and the largest size, which was 16 said it was for a 30" waist, so I made size 16. I thought it was a little strange because I wear about a size 10 in skirts that I purchase at a store. It came out way too big, like it actually falls off.
Additionally, the fabric is really heavy, so it was hard to sew the waist yoke and the zipper smoothly. I bought this eons ago, and don't remember how to care for this fabric. So, if anyone out there recognizes it and has recommendations, they would be appreciated. I would just give it away, but I don't know anyone the right size who would actually wear something like this. I like it, but it does look a bit like curtains or a tablecloth...
Currently I am frogging the whole thing, and trying to cut it all down to a size that might fit, although who know what size that is, a 14, 12?

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