Monday, September 9, 2013

Still Knitting and Spinning and still a mom.

It's a good thing knitting is not usually time sensitive, or at least not the way I do it.  The start of the new school year is always a big rush of new knitting for me, not only the fall weather and the promise of chilly months to come, but the extra time in the day when I'm not responsible for my girl.
I have been coming to the realization that I don't knit a lot with my handspun, but when others knit with my handspun I get very excited.  In the effort to create a little business that at least helps offset the money I spend on fiber, I often spin what I think will sell.
I finally knit a shawl with a gradient yarn.  I love Corgi Hill Farm fiber and especially this 60:40 Polwarth and Tussah silk blend.  I spun a super fine single and n-plied to get 500 yds of heavy fingering weight yarn.
Then I knitted a pretty little shawl called Sugared Violets, by Rose Beck. 
In a fortuitous accident the color change from green to light purple occurred right at the point the stockinette section ended and the little garter stitch and yarn over sections began.  I love the feel of this yarn and the shawl, and I'm happy to have confirmed that my handspun is lovely to knit with.
It feels comfortable and stays wrapped well, and I'm torn between keeping it or putting it in the shop.
I have so many shawls that I can't wear them all and it seems sad to have them sitting on a shelf.

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